2014 NEC Update

2014 NEC Code Update Class

8 Hour CEU for Trainees (Basic Classroom) or Journey Level (Code Update)

Course Numbers:
Washington WA2013-736 (Trainee)
Washington WA2013-737 (Journey Level)
Oregon #90814
Idaho #14029
please check reciprocal agreements for other states


Become familiar with the changes to the National Electrical Code for the 2014 Code Cycle.

Required Class Material:

  • 2014 National Electrical Code,
  • or 2014 Handbook to the National Electrical Code
  • Calculator
  • Writing Materials


  • Get a jumpstart on more than 200 of the most crucial changes that impact your work! Based on IAEI's Presentation of Analysis of the 2014 Code Changes. Four new articles headline emerging electrical issues in the NEC-2014 code: Article 393. Low-Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution Systems serve as a support for a finished ceiling surface and consist of a busbar and busbar support system to distribute power to utilization equipment supplied by a Class 2 power supply. Article 646. Modular Data Centers contain fully customizable and scalable equipment to provide data center operations that, typically, are not permanently installed. Article 728. Fire-Resistive Cable Systems must be installed in accordance with very specific materials, supports, and requirements and are critical for the survivability of life safety circuits. Article 750. Energy Management Systems provide general requirements and address the types of loads permitted to be controlled through energy management.