WA State Requirements

What training do I have to take?

As a trainee: 48 hours per two year renewal. If your card is lapsed, you must complete 48 hours before you can renew. Your card is good for two years from initial purchase, which then sets your expiration dates for subsequent years.

Any of our classes offered to the public satisfy the Basic Classroom requirement.

To test out for 01 (General Journey Level) you must have accumulated at least 96 hours of total in-class training (plus 8000 hours on the job training). This also applies to Journey level electricians wishing to test into WA state.

Most specialty Licenses (02, 06A, etc) require only 48 hours of in-class training (plus 4000 hours on the job training) to quaify for testing.


At the Journey Level, your card is good for 3 years, expiring on your birthday. To renew you must have at least the following hours in specific categories (When looking at our class list, the Journey level category is indicated under the Title and Description)

8 Hours Code Update

4 Hours RCW/WAC

12 Hours Industry Related
(Any Basic Classroom/Trainee class also qualifies
as Industry Related)

Need to know your training status with Washington State L&I? Click here to see what CEU credits you have on file.