Washington State Electrical Trainee Requirements

Trainee Classroom Education Requirements

Effective July 1, 2013 Electrical trainees will be required to have 48 hours of basic classroom education to renew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need these classes?

  • Industry proposed legislation supported the need to require classroom education from trainees, resulting in a better educated workforce.

I’m in a Washington State registered apprenticeship program. Do I have to take basic electrical classes before renewing?

  • No, the classes taken as part of the approved apprenticeship program will count as fulfilling the classroom education requirement. Your training director will credit your training certificate.

Where do I find approved basic electrical classroom education classes?

  • All approved classes are listed on the electrical program website as they are approved. Note that INW Industrial Training registers all its 8-Hour classes to be eligible for Trainee CEU's

Are there any special requirements for the classroom training classes?

  • Yes, the class must be held in a classroom situation. The minimum length of a class is 8 hours which may be broken into segments at least 2 hours long. If the class is made up of multiple segments, all segments must be completed within a one month period. A written exam is required for all classroom training classes.

Can I take these classes online or as a correspondence class?

  • No, Basic electrical classroom education classes cannot be taken online or as a correspondence course.

What if I don’t have the classes before renewal?

  • A trainee certificate can be renewed without the required classroom education but will be put into an inactive status. A trainee in inactive status cannot work in the electrical trade until the classroom education is fulfilled. Renewing in an inactive status will keep the trainee from paying a late renewal fee. When the trainee has completed the required education, the training certificate will be returned to active status.

What happens if I work without a valid training certificate?

  • If a trainee works in the electrical industry without a valid training certificate the trainee, contractor and assigned administrator are all subject to a monetary non compliance citation and possible revocation or suspension of their license or certificate.

Can I take CEU classes registered as Industry Related to meet the trainee class requirement?

  • No, Typical electrician continuing education classes can not be taken to meet the basic electrical classroom education requirement. All of INW Industrial Training's 8 hour classes meet the requirement for Basic Classroom (Trainee). If you are a Journeyman, you may receive Industry Related credit. See restrictions below.

Can a certified electrician take these basic electrical classroom training classes to meet the CEU requirements for their certificate? 

  • Yes, a certified electrician may take either typical continuing education course or a basic electrical classroom education class as part of the classes required to meet the continuing education requirements for renewing their certificate. However, if the course is applied to the electrician record it cannot be used for the trainee record.

If I hold a specialty electrician certificate and a trainee certificate, can the same class be used on both licenses?

  • No the course can only be used for either the trainee renewal or the electrician renewal it cannot be applied to both. They must each have different class numbers. (INW Industrial Training makes dual certification available for the Code Update and RCW/WAC classes only -- All other classes only have one registration number)

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