Covid-19 Classroom Precautions

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Please be mindful that we are obliged to follow WA State's Directive for educational settings which will require temperature screening of participants, seating spaced to provide 6' of distancing, and face coverings are required to be worn by students and instructor. You may bring your own or be supplied with one in class. Please do not arrive before 8:00 am to prevent congregating in the hallway. Class starts at 8:30. Please bring your own beverages and snacks.

INW Industrial Training's COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, and recovery plan (pdf)

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June 3 Update: L&I is now permitting Trainee CEU Providers to utilize interactive online instruction. See the June Newsletter. The July schedule has been modified to include five online classes.

L&I has now extended renewals for trainees who expired while training was unavailable until Sept 1, 2020.

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